Who is the Local Harvest Alliance?
  • We are a group of local food producers and consumers located in Scott County. Our goals are to promote the preservation of agricultural land and open spaces, support local food production, develop a vibrant local food economy, and to realize ultimate food security through local food production.

Why preserve agricultural land and open space?

  • Maintain the quality of life we enjoy in our rural environment and our agricultural heritage
  • Provide recreational opportunities adding to our health and well being
  • Support businesses dependent on agricultural activities
  • Keep food production close to where people live so that they know who produces it and how
  • Have positive impact on water, soil, climate and wildlife resources when wetlands, woodlots, and other unpaved land is preserved

 Why buy locally produced products?

  • It’s good for you. Locally grown products taste fabulous and are parcked with nutrition!
  • It’s good for your community. Purchasing products from local farmers and artisan producers keeps more money in the community.
  • It’s good for your environment. The average American dinner travels 1,500 miles before reaching the dinner plate. 
  • Since these foods do not travel very far, farmers can choose varieties based on flavor rather than on their ability to withstand a long journey to the market.
  • Local farmers can offer more choices, such as heirloom vegetables, heritage breeds of livestock and other specialty products that are not likely to be mass marketed. 
  • Knowing who’s growing your food is a powerful thing. It allows you to ask questions and make your own choices about how the products you purchase are grown or raised. 
  • Eating local food greatly reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and wasteful packing materials*  

*MN Department of Agriculture